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Books, Written

My First Trip to New York

(978-88-95218-99-1), SIME Books, Italian edition available as well

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My First Trip to Paris

(978-88-99180-53-9), SIME Books

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Mid-Century Modern Women in the Visual Arts

(978-16-23260-82-8), Contributor, AMMO Books

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Books, Edited

AMMO Books

  • Alexander Girard by Todd Oldham (978-19-34429-84-6)
  • Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham (978-19-34429-82-2)
  • Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom by Todd Oldham (978-19-34429-43-3)
  • Chasing Epic by Jeff Curtes (978-16-23260-28-6)
  • The Contact Sheet by Steve Crist (978-19-34429-08-2)
  • Distant Shores by Chris Burkard (978-16-23260-17-0)
  • Drawn in Stereo by Michael Gillette (978-16-23260-37-8)
  • Eames: Beautiful Details by Eames Demetrios (978-19-34429-74-7)
  • Ed Emberley by Todd Oldham (978-16-23260-38-5)
  • Edward Weston: One Hundred Twenty-Five Photographs by Steve Crist (978-19-34429-57-0), Associate Editor
  • The Instagram Book by Steve Crist (978-16-23260-35-4)
  • Joan Jett by Todd Oldham (978-19-34429-60-0)
  • Locals Only by Hugh Holland (978-19-34429-47-1)
  • Mid-Century Modern Women in the Visual Arts by Gloria Fowler (978-16-23260-82-8)
  • Milk & Honey: Contemporary Art in California by Justin Van Hoy (978-19-34429-09-9)
  • Momentary by Sage Vaughn (978-16-23260-32-3)
  • Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community by John Chaich (978-16-23261-05-4)
  • Ralph Steadman: Proud Too Be Weirrd by Ralph Steadman (978-19-34429-75-4)
  • Shag: The Collected Works by Josh Agle (978-16-23260-94-1)
  • Spike Lee: Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee (978-19-34429-51-8)
  • Strange Stories: The Photography of Gerald Davis by Todd Oldham (978-16-23260-40-8)
  • A Surprisingly Interesting Book About Contracts by Sarah Conley Odenkirk (978-16-23260-24-8)

Design Studio Press

  • Big Bad World of Concept Art for Video Games by Eliott Lilly (978-16-24650-36-9)
  • Creative Strategies by Fridolin Beisert (978-16-24650-26-0)
  • Explorer by Christian Grajewski (978-16-24650-54-3)
  • Framed Perspective Vol. 1 by Marcos Mateu-Mestre (978-16-24650-30-7)
  • Framed Perspective Vol. 2 by Marcos Mateu-Mestre (978-16-24650-32-1)
  • The Line Art Challenge by Eric Ng (978-16-24650-35-2)
  • Nuthin’ But Mech 4 by Various Artists (978-16-24650-38-3)
  • How to Draw Portraits in Charcoal by Nathan Fowkes (978-16-24650-31-4)
  • Principles of Creature Design by Terryl Whitlatch (978-16-24650-28-4)
  • Punch Drunk Moustache Round 2 by John-Paul Balmet (978-16-24650-23-9)
  • Science of Creature Design by Terryl Whitlatch (978-16-24650-29-1)
  • The Silver Way by Stephen Silver (978-16-24650-34-5)
  • Tales from the Loop by Simon Stålenhag (978-16-24650-39-0)
  • Talexi by Alessandro Taini (978-16-24650-42-0)

SIME Books

  • Baja California Peninsula: 101 Ways to Explore Baja by Giovanni Simeone (978-88-99180-51-5)
  • Baja California Visual Notebook (978-88-99180-69-0)
  • California Visual Notebook by Paulina Godoy (978-88-99180-76-8)
  • Los Angeles Visual Notebook by Paola Gandrus (978-88-99180-15-7)
  • Not Food for Old Men by Anabelle Rosell Aguilar (978-88-95218-97-7)
  • Photographing New York: Award-Winning Photographers Guide You to the Best Shots by Giovanni Simeone (978-88-99180-55-3)

Sunset & Venice

  • Los Angeles Cocktails: Spirits in the City of Angels by Andrea Richards (978-88-99180-56-0)
  • Los Angeles Restaurants: Classic Joints and Iconic Eats in the City of Angels by Andrea Richards (978-19-52643-00-2)

Children's Titles (Copy Edited)

  • Alexander Girard Color (978-19-34429-77-8)
  • Come With Me to New York (978-16-23260-50-7), Come With Me to Paris (978-16-23260-47-7)
  • Kid Made Modern Series: All About Collage (978-19-34429-89-1), All About Dye (978-19-34429-90-7), All AboutEmbroidery (978-19-34429-91-4), All About Fabric Printing (978-19-34429-92-1)
  • Modern Art Memory Game (978-19-34429-49-1)


I hired Sara to edit my latest novel, and I'll be seeking her out again when I have another manuscript ready! Sara has great insight into narrative structure and characterization, in addition to the grammar skills needed to finesse a manuscript. (She's also hilarious, which makes the editing process way less tedious!) Highly recommend Sara for any editing needs.

Annie CosbyAuthor of USA Today-recommended Hearts Out of Water series

Working with Sara is lovely, smooth, and reliable. Our publishing house produced two guide books written by Sara, and we are definitely delighted by her professionalism. Locations were chosen with great attention, and I can confirm the job was done perfectly. Sara has a journalistic approach, meaning she researches and double-checks all information. It is also super easy talking with her, and all opinions are discussed in an open-minded environment. We definitely recommend her as an editor and writer.

Giovanni SimeonePublisher of SIME Books and Sunset & Venice

I have had the pleasure of working with Sara over the last twelve years as both a full-time and freelance collaborator on many books. Sara is a consummate wordsmith and perfectionist when it comes to editing, while at the same time, she is also very flexible and accommodating to the needs of our authors and our publishing business. She is truly someone that I highly recommend for any editorial assignments.

Gloria FowlerChronicle Books

Sara is a top freelance editor we have relied upon for many years. She knows what publishers need and always delivers quality work on time. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to improve their manuscript or texts. She is a joy to collaborate with.

Steve CristChronicle Books

We have been working with Sara for many years now, and plan to do so well into the future. She is extremely punctual on responding to inquiries as well as delivering final material, all while providing exceptional attention to detail. As our business has grown, her expertise has too, allowing us to continue working with her not only for copy editing, but also for content creation, indexing, and much more!

Tinti DeyDesign Studio Press
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